Indian Students In Abroad: How Puzzelout Can Help

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Indian students in abroad. The world is becoming globalized. And it’s no surprise that many young Indians are choosing to pursue higher education abroad. The number of Indian students in abroad studying increasing every year.

There is a need for effective tools and support systems to help them excel in their studies. One such platform is Puzzelout, a social learning platform. That offers personalized study plans for international students.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how Puzzelout can help Indian students in abroad to excel in their careers and perform better.

Indian Students In Abroad – A Growing Trend

In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in the number of Indian students in abroad to opt their higher study. According to a recent report by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).

India was home to over 2 million overseas students in 2017; up from 1.3 million in 2012-13. The report also states the number of international students. Enrollments have grown by over 60% in the last 10 years.

This surge can have attributed to several factors. Such as better educational opportunities, increased exposure, and access to global job markets. So, it is important for Indian students in abroad to grow and have a better career.

But studying abroad comes with its own set of challenges. Adapting to an unfamiliar academic system. Keeping track of various assignments. Overcoming language barriers; dealing with cultural differences and more.

These factors make it difficult for many international students. Especially those from India to succeed at foreign institutions. This is where specialized platforms like Puzzelout come into play.

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What does Puzzelout Offer?

Puzzelout is an online social learning platform designed for international students. Looking for personalized study plans tailored according to their individual needs. Launched by two expatriate Indians based out of the US. So, there is an advantage for Indian students in abroad to try Puzzelout.

Puzzelout seeks to bridge gaps between prospective and current universities/colleges. Applicants across different countries use technology. That helps each student identify. What they need most when transitioning or advancing through their academic journey.

How Can Puzzelout Help Indian Students Excel In Their Studies Abroad? 

1) Making Sense Of Academic Requirements:

One of the primary benefits. Offered by Puzzelout is making sense of often complicated. Academic requirements needed for admission into universities/colleges abroad.

The program provides detailed information on specific requirements. Based on country or institution type. Whether it’s undergraduate or graduate-level programs.

Along with advice about visa applications. Enabling users to make well-informed decisions about which courses would best suit them.

2) Creating Tailored Study Plans:

Once enrolled in an institution. Creating tailored study plans becomes essential for achieving success. Keeping track of various tasks like reading material covered during lectures.

Understanding assignment deadlines; practicing mock exams, etc. Can become overwhelming without proper guidance. Through Puzzleout’s comprehensive online courses covering topics.

Like essay writing techniques, and time management strategies. Users that have equipped with all the necessary skills. Required to navigate through university campuses while ensuring high grades.

3) Access To Expert Advice:

One major advantage offered by Puzzleout is access to expert advice. From experienced faculty members from top universities around the globe. Who provides hands-on guidance related to subject selection? And relevant extracurricular activities among other things.

Users have access to one-on-one sessions with these experts. Who assist them throughout their entire journey. Right from deciding which course suits them best to get ready for final exams.

This unique feature makes it easier for users to stay informed. About changes in curriculum as well as gain insight into important topics. Related to career plans beyond graduation. 

4) Connecting With Other Students:

Puzzle Out is also an ideal platform. For international students to connect with each other. And for communities, thereby breaking down cultural boundaries.

The platform offers an online messaging feature. That helps foster a sense of belonging among international students. Allowing them to communicate better with their peers and professors at universities abroad.

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5) Assessments & Analytics:

PuzzleOut also provides its users with assessments. That help gauges their progress in various subjects when studying abroad. The software uses artificial intelligence (AI). Predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms.

To track various metrics. Such as grades earned in tests/exams. Time spent on activities; class participation. Enabling users to check their own performance as well as compare it against others.

Furthermore, these insights can use by the user’s parents or guardians. Back home to keep a tab on a student’s progress abroad.


Studying abroad can be a daunting prospect for many Indian students in abroad. With the help of platforms like Puzzelout. They have access to tailored study plans that have designs.

Keeping their specific needs in mind making it easier for them. To excel at foreign universities without feeling overwhelmed or lonely. Also, features like expert advice, and peer-to-peer engagement opportunities. And real-time assessment analytics. Make it easier for Indian students in abroad to get a better education.

To stay focused on acing their studies while adjusting to culture shock. As more and more Indians venture out into foreign educational institutions tools. Like Puzzelout will become important in helping them achieve success. Whilst having access to personalized support systems throughout the journey.



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